FX Trading Course Discord, Notion, Video Content.

Albert burgess
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Read below before purchasing I will not offer refunds on this, if you didn't read below thats a you problem.

What's included?

  • Video content on my M15 style of trading (NO LTFS) Only 5 videos thats all you need for this system.
  • Complete process on how I trade, simplified providing clarity and minimal time at charts, you will need to unlearn things feel free to incorporate your own knowledge but don't moan if it decreases the consistency.
  • Higher strike rate ideal for scaling your capital and less emotional drain.
  • Discord community (Not the typical chatty busy one all chats locked bar enquiries)
  • You can ask questions but it isn't 24/7 support, designed as an online course only to give you an edge.
  • Occasional morning outlooks & markups of trades taken from myself.
  • Basic Notion templates to duplicate and keep.
  • Mindset drops to get you thinking correctly and bringing the correct mind into trading.
  • One off payment no subscriptions. Any updates ill include.
  • Will look to close this off again soon to keep numbers low.

    This course is based mainly on Liquidity concepts trading in direction of the H4 & M15. However those that no me my previous style etc this is not the same its a lot more simple however you will likely need to unlearn some stuff as it isn't used. Id also HIGHLY suggest asking is it your system that really needs changing or is it YOU? Because if you're just chasing some new sauce save your doe and don't bother adding this to cart. Your mindset is the issue and until this is fixed nothing is going to help you so invest in to that first. -
  • http://albertburgess.org/Rewired Albie 10 saves you 10%

    This isn't some snake oil you are going to have to be prepared to do the work, see it as if you was studying to become a top lawyer or training to be an athlete you'd have to do the work right? Trading is the same can take time but is very rewarding once you have the skillset it cant be taken away.

    FAQsHow does this work?
    After purchase, you'll receive a link to join the discord where all the content etc is housed.

    Is this really worth $225?

    Simply put yes, this is years of experience put into a short course format. Mistakes and lessons I made that you don't have to. Instead of buying funded accounts and trying to fluke it why not actually learn how to trade with an edge? This small fee is nothing compared to the opportunity you have in front of you.

    If you are after a full on community with, support, daily markups, outlooks, regular zoom calls then this isn't for you, this is a online course providing you an edge.

    Full disclaimer this isn't financial advice in any way shape or form.

    Strictly no refunds
This product is not currently for sale.

Discord,Video Content, Pdf, Notions, Outlooks, Occasional live calls.

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FX Trading Course Discord, Notion, Video Content.

35 ratings